17th May - 4th June

Here’s a giant map. Here’s half a tonne of plasticine. Here’s the chance to remodel your city, just the way you like it.
The Design Transformation Group present their award-winning Claystation, inviting people of all ages to redesign their cities for fun and debate. On scale maps of Scotland’s six cities, architects, would-be planners, citizens, visitors and mavericks alike can indulge in the creation of new cityscapes – by collaboratively remodelling their cities for the 21st century.
The event aims to raise awareness of the built environment, encouraging those who live and work in our cities not merely to take a closer look at the buildings and spaces around them, but to engage in rethinking them.
Booking not required – turn up and make your mark!

17th - 21st May Inverness

19th May, 3rd June Glasgow

22nd - 28th May Edinburgh

23rd - 27th May Dundee

30th May - 3rd June Aberdeen

30th May - 2nd June Stirling

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