MyChair at the National Museum of Scotland July 28-30, 2005

MyChair is a further development of the original Claystation process. The Design Transformation Group (DTG) was invited by the National Museum of Scotland to create an event in the prestigious Hawthornden Court to complement its exhibition of the 2005 Jerwood Furniture Prize nominees. It seemed natural to go with a furniture theme....

The installation consisted of a set of six full-size knock-down flat-pack chairs. Four of these carried graphics depicting either 'classic' or 'amateur' chair designs, displayed alongside a dismantled version and an 'exploded' version. Behind the scenes, members of the public were invited to realise their own chair designs on miniature cardboard copies of the full-size chairs. DTG created a die-cut press-out version of the chairs as a blank canvas onto which participants were free to explore their interpretation of what a chair might be. Each of these was photographed and displayed alongside the full size versions in the Hawthornden Court. Over the course of the exhibition over 500 people of all ages and abilities submitted designs. Some of these can be seen below. All the designs were recorded in an animation to be shown at future events.

A downloadable copy of the MyChair print is available here.

See a layout of the exhibition here.

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Exhibition Curation and Art Direction: Ben Hughes and Alex Milton

Chair Design: Diego Bello, Tom Gray, Léa Lagasse,