My-Chair at Designersblock Nichols and Clarke Building, London September 22nd - 25th, 2005.

Claystation returned to Designersblock with the MyChair format,

and fabulous new 'Sit On It' T-Shirts and badges:

Visitors were invited to exercise their creative muscles in the design of a chair to be exhibited alongside our full-size versions. Chairs produced could be described as decorative, innovative, confessional, beautiful.

Each was scrutinised by our expert judges, real life Professors of Furniture, Ralph Ball and Maxine Naylor.

The winning design was based around a tree, and was praised for its sophistication, irony and little pair of shoes.

A downloadable copy of the MyChair print is available here.

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DBLondonimage20 DBLondonimage22 DBLondonimage23 DBLondonimage24
DBLondonimage26 DBLondonimage25 DBLondonimage28 DBLondonimage27
DBLondonimage32 DBLondonimage29 DBLondonimage30 DBLondonimage31

Exhibition Curation and Art Direction: Ben Hughes and Alex Milton

Chair Design: Diego Bello, Tom Gray, Léa Lagasse

Thanks to the Claystation crew:

Aragon Chen, Lisa Johannsen,

Jesus Felipe, Stephen Castleman,

WeiWei He,Nik Green,

Ismaril Wells, Yan Wu,

Debbington Wythe, Brian Ward,

Tom Shi

© Design Transformation Group 2005