Introducing: PONGOVISION

Our now famous plasticine TV was first created to showcase our work at designersblock Milan 2005, 23rd - 26th April, 2005.

We decided it would be apt to make a TV out of plasticine.

This is a fully functioning monitor in the style of a 1970's Keraklonic Sphere.

All plasticine used was salvaged from the September 2004 Claystation event in London

The TV is named PongoVision (Pongo being Italian for Plasticine)

Below is a short film showing its construction.

PongoVision was conceived by Ben Hughes.

Design development, construction and hard work was done by Dan Flashman, Mannuthat Tanpradit and Brian Ward.

PongoVision was transported across Europe and lifted up stairs by Jesus Felipe, Tom Gray and Soner Ozenc