This was the first Claystation event. It took place during designersblock, London, 25th-28th September, 2003 and involved the production of a giant, narrative-free claymation animation. Over the course of the four-day event, visitors were encouraged to purchase a lump of plasticine, which they would then use to model anything that took their fancy. This was then placed on a 'stage' where the amateur animators would interact with others' creations. The whole lot was filmed in stop-motion culminating in ten minutes worth of gripping drama. You can view pictures from this event below.

You may also view brief animation samples here

You may see press reviews here.


photos: Ben Hughes, Andy Leith, Debbie Wythe

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Claystation Team:Sondre Ager-Wick, Nik Green, Cris deGroot, Sander de Groot, Ben Hughes, Andy Leith, Sean O'Mara (Graphics), Alex Milton, Mulvo and Streaky (OST), Graham Powell, Deborah Wythe, Paul Yuille